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Business Diagnostics & Pre-sale Preparation and/or Turn-Around Consulting Services

It is never too early to evaluate your business and its growth trajectory in preparation for its eventual sale.  And anytime your business successfully measures up against best practices in core functional areas, it can ensure optimal sales value before or when approached by a serious buyer or set of buyers.  Your best time to sell your business could be sooner than you think, and being prepaid is better than the alternative.  Early identification of strengths and weaknesses, combined with a corrective working plan, if needed, will allow you to sell from a position of strength. 
Our Diagnostics & Pre-Sale Preparation Services are focused on identifying and implementing necessary enhancements in business fundamentals.  Working closely with you, we use this strategic window-of-opportunity to develop operational strategies that drive real improvements to your business.  The objective and sought after results translate into a stronger balance sheet and more attractive income statement.  Navigator Associates will drive this process that can be essential to unlocking hidden value in the business. 

Navigator Associates provides traditional Strategic Planning and Business Development consulting services as a natural extension of its experience and skills.  When combined with Operational Fine-Tuning, these interactive services provide a strategic foundation for profitable revenue growth and eventual divestiture. In addition, Navigator Associates will work with young and early stage companies to provide Business Planning services that include creating Investment Grade business plans that increase the chances of raising critical capital in today’s economic environment.

These proactive services also provide useful input for meeting estate and succession planning objectives.  Working with you and your advisors, Navigator Associates helps chart a course to prepare and optimize your business for future sale or merger.



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