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Corporate Security Consulting

Physical Security Audits & Penetration Testing

After 9-11, many organizations took steps to tighten security around their facilities. Some of those steps may or may not have been appropriate given the circumstances. While many organizations have maintained improved physical security, others have let it lapse. Regardless, we believe that it is prudent for every organization to regularly assess their security and determine whether, based upon a variety of factors such as industry, geography, threat levels and culture, whether that security is adequate. Navigator provides organizations with independent threat and vulnerability assessments along with concrete and sensible recommendations for improving physical security based upon those factors. Like a financial audit, companies should conduct regular "security audits" to review existing practices and to test the reliability of systems and procedures that are in place.

Electronic Security Audits & Penetration Testing

As organizations increasingly rely on electronic means of communication and operations, potential vulnerabilities multiply. Navigator experts help companies assess these vulnerabilities and make recommendations for mitigating them. An electronic security audit often involves penetration testing to determine whether unauthorized outsiders can access systems. Many clients also request regular electronic sweeps of office and off-site spaces prior to key meetings.

Workplace Violence Prevention & Threat Response

The workplace today is vastly different from that of a generation or two ago. The bond of loyalty and trust between employee and employer no longer exists the way it once did. Employees tend to move from job to job with much greater frequency due to layoffs, downsizing, restructuring, performance failures or simply employee unhappiness. Stress in the workplace has increased over time as it has become more complex and demanding. These factors and others have combined to create a volatile cocktail for certain unstable employees. Threats and violence are now commonplace in any organization, especially during or after a period of layoffs. Navigator professionals have had a great deal of experience in assessing and responding to such threats as they occur. Specialized training for workplace violence prevention can also be provided to our clients on a customized basis.

At Risk Employee Termination Assistance

The threat of violence in the workplace is exacerbated with terminations. When an employee who has exhibited some of the traits of a potentially violent individual is to be terminated, Navigator professionals can be engaged to assess the risk and provide additional security during and after the termination process. When large layoffs are contemplated, additional security is also a prudent step for any organization.

Executive Protection & Travel Security

As businesses continue to expand globally, executives from the industrialized nations continue to travel to meet the competitive needs of their companies. With this travel comes risk, as westerners become targets for extremist groups for terror, kidnapping, extortion and crime. We believe that it is prudent for organizations to take steps to provide an added measure of security for executives who travel and ex-patriot managers residing overseas. Navigator provides organizations with travel security threat assessments, appropriate executive protection and travel risk intelligence.

Special Event Security

Annual meetings, incentive sales team trips to exotic locations, high profile new product promotions and other special events pose a potential security risk to those involved as well as to the corporate reputation. Navigator specialists help organizations assess the risk, provide advance work and qualified personnel to help ensure a safe, secure and successful event.

Crisis Management Planning & Response

Terrorist attacks like those on 9-11, crises in corporate confidence such as Enron, Tyco, Global Crossing, Adelphia, Waste Management and WorldCom, and more recently, natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, have brought to sharp focus the need for organizations of all sizes to be prepared for the potential of a wide variety of crises. Professionals with Navigator help develop and test crisis plans. In the event of an actual crisis, we can assist companies with response efforts including supplemental security, investigations, government liaison, communications and evacuation.

Loss Prevention Consulting

Every organization suffers from "leakage" – it is only a matter of degree. In order to control this leakage, thereby adding directly to the bottom line, Navigator offers its clients comprehensive loss prevention consulting and investigations. We work with clients to improve security from the loading dock to the retail outlet. Surveillance, stings and undercover operations are all tools in the battle to mitigate the ever-present risk of loss from employee and vendor misconduct.

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