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Strategic Business Services

The Firm provides its clients with unparalleled capabilities designed to help assess and execute on strategic opportunities as well as restructuring operations to enhance value.  Our spectrum of services include:

Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions

Navigator’s approach deploys only senior personnel on an engagement. In driving towards a smooth closure, we prepare management for direct buyer interactions and negotiate the key aspects of the deal while coordinating with your legal and accounting advisory teams.  Our methodology is focused on achieving the optimum results that satisfy your needs and objectives.

Navigator provides significant value-added services, including:

  • Company restructuring to strengthen competitive positioning 

  • Recasting the financial view of your business from a buyer's perspective

  • Creating a high-quality descriptive selling memorandum

  • Executing rigorous buyer intelligence gathering

  • Carefully sequencing buyer contacts

  • Creating an appropriate auction atmosphere

  • Carefully balancing one buyer against another

  • Positioning you for a successful sales close

Our approach and methodology are designed such that we individually tailor and sequence each contact we initiate as part of the overall confidential marketing campaign.  We pay close attention to cultural fit between our seller and buyer as circumstances dictate and as part of creating, optimizing, and bringing about a successful transaction. 
Our approach is selective rather than one based on unsolicited and impersonal mass marketing campaigns. We are able to elicit buyer concerns early in the process increasing the chances for a timely and successful closing while avoiding surprises. Our selling process includes:

Strategic Review & Turn-Around

Navigator has been deeply involved, largely behind the scenes, in rigorously reviewing operations and competitive position of many of our clients as well as advising them on strategies and actions to be taken to improve or turn-around the enterprise to enhance value.  Many of Navigator’s clients have come to view us as a strategic partner, critical to the success of their business.

Buy-Side Mergers & Acquisitions Search Services
Navigator works with corporations, private equity firms and investors seeking to acquire companies. We specialize in uncovering, using innovative intelligence gathering techniques, the universe of potential acquisition targets, carefully matching and reconciling our clients' strategic objectives with the reality of the marketplace.

Navigator’s market intelligence approach to acquisitions focuses on developing a global list of prospects comprised of companies that are actively available as well as "Not for Sale" companies that are acquired through an orchestrated approach by aggressive buyers. Additionally, by leveraging our global network of competitor & market intelligence affiliates, we provide our clients a “360 degree view” of industry players to ensure their acquisition search is both comprehensive and efficient.  Finally, Navigator can provide world class reputational due diligence to insure transparency and reduce the risk of the deal.

Competitor & Market Intelligence & Analysis

Every industry faces competition, which has only intensified as the global economy has made it easier for competitors to enter markets around the world and at home. Savvy businesses not only execute their own strategic plan, but also closely monitor their competitors’ plans and actions in the marketplace. Navigator helps our clients to better understand who their competitors are, determine their strategic plans and identify how to gain competitive advantage. We employ a unique blend of investigative intelligence gathering, conducted legally and ethically, insightful analysis, and innovative strategy development skills to provide our clients with the best strategic decision making support possible.

Corporate, M&A & Transaction Due Diligence

Given the complexity of today’s business world with the increased pressure on profitability and intensified competition, it is more important than ever to be certain of the soundness of financial transactions, mergers and acquisitions and other strategic relationships. Companies must have the utmost confidence in the individual management teams behind those deals. While the due diligence investigation prior to the completion of a financing or acquisition has become de rigueur in business today, we believe that the need for and the standard of care demanded for reputational assessment has increased dramatically.

Navigator brings a tremendous amount of experience in discreetly and thoroughly assessing the reputations and track records of management teams in a wide range of industries and geographies around the world. We help investment firms, companies and attorneys involved in acquisitions or other strategic relationships to make sound decisions based upon timely and accurate intelligence and due diligence.


Shareholder Intelligence

Institutional investors, private equity owners, hedge fund management companies, shareholder class action counsel and other shareholder representative groups often require detailed intelligence on the activities of entrenched management groups.

Navigator’s investigative research experts can help shareholder groups by providing critical and timely information needed to make well-informed strategic decisions.


Executive & Board Member Advisor Services 

Organizations of all size and stripe have been routinely victimized and embarrassed by senior level executives and board members who are not all they claim to be. Carefully earned and honed corporate reputations can be significantly damaged in these instances. Some cases such as Radio Shack, Veritas Software, Sunbeam Corporation, Lotus Corporation, and Jackson Laboratories, to name a few, have caused the destruction of material shareholder value. 

In our experience, one-third of resumes have material misstatements or omissions. Navigator’s investigative research professionals have had a great deal of experience in vetting senior management teams as well as new and proposed board members. We help organizations to recruit quality executives and properly vetted independent boards of directors.


Corporate Contest, Proxy Battle & Takeover Intelligence

In the fast-paced world of mergers and acquisitions, the hostile takeover, proxy contest, internecine corporate dispute or other contest for corporate control, requires aggressive defensive strategies to help defend existing management groups from unwanted suitors or inadequate offers.

Likewise, corporate aggressors often require detailed advance intelligence on their targets. 
Navigator has over 20 years experience in assisting companies and their counsel in these demanding and sometimes difficult circumstances. We provide timely and actionable intelligence that may be used in strategy development, litigation, public relations, proxy solicitations and other decision-making purposes.

Country & Political Risk Analysis

Political risk, terrorism, crime, and other instability factors continue to be a major concern for multinational organizations with operations in high-risk countries. Navigator’s analysts can assess these factors on a customized basis to help clients make sound international operational decisions.

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