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Total Business Controls Consulting - IN-DEPTH

Providing independent business controls advisory services to owners, executives & boards of directors.

Uncharted Waters - Hidden Dangers!
Navigator Total Business Controls provides you with a framework for navigating through today’s risky business environment.
How confidently can you answer these questions about your business?

•    Is your business really going as well as you think it is?
•    Does your organization, along with its audit committee and board, meet all the latest regulatory & best practice standards?
•    Are material business risks understood at the board level and effectively mitigated by management through a robust business controls environment?
•    Are your internal controls staff and outside advisors monitoring your operations as well as you think they are?
•    Are your executives, managers and employees effectively trained to control your business and recognize serious threats to operational and financial integrity?
•    Are your business partners as upstanding as they may seem?
•    Do your operations have adequate protection from internal and external criminal activity?
•    Is your intellectual property effectively protected from the eyes of competitors?
•    Are you adequately prepared to handle terrorist threats, workplace violence and other serious physical risks?
•    Are you prepared to effectively respond to and resolve serious business irregularities?

If you answered “no” to even one of these questions, you should be ready for stakeholders, regulators or the investment community to be asking you what you’re doing to correct the situation.  Navigator can help.

A Framework for Navigating Through Troubled Waters

A global communications company files for bankruptcy protection after accounting irregularities result in an $8 billion earnings restatement.

A global pharmaceutical firm’s business is seriously threatened by control weaknesses allowing the diversion of its products to illicit sales and use.

A major manufacturer of consumer products is threatened with serious brand and financial damage as a result of purchasing fraud and economic espionage.

The stock price of a major energy producer plummets after disclosure of false transactions design to inflate revenues.

A leading maker of “smart cards” loses 35% of its revenue to counterfeiters after hackers post their secret codes on the internet.

A national professional certification organization discovers weaknesses in the integrity of its exam development and administration processes, damaging the reputation of its program.

A high tech futures trader experiences multi-million dollar losses due to leaks of proprietary information by employees.

As these examples clearly show, this is no time to sit back and be overconfident of the future─ because all organizations need to urgently manage material threats to their corporate assets and people.

In today’s corporate environment, this could mean a breakdown in management, operations, financial and security controls along with financial misstatements and fraudulent reporting. It could also be due to hostile competitor actions and assaults on reputation.

And, with the help “help” of the latest technology, it could mean information and intellectual property theft, economic espionage, cyber-attacks and network sabotage and even terrorism and violence in the workplace.

Clearly, vigilance is an absolute necessity in this age of accounting fiascos, terrorism and general economic uncertainty─ with strategic and operation mismanagement a very real concern.

Any of these corporate disasters can happen to you─ but they don’t have to, if you take the right course to control your business.

Looking Beneath the Surface…
Do you face these threats to your business assets?
•    Reputation
•    Business Strategy & Plans
•    Outside Relationships
•    Financial Position & Money Management
•    People
•    Partners
•    Customers
•    Vendors
•    Real or Intellectual Property

Are you an unknown victim of…?
•    Business Fraud and Theft
•    Abuse of Executive Authority
•    Corporate Economic Espionage
•    Aggressive and/or Illegal Competitive Actions
•    Business Process Breakdown and Organizational mismanagement
•    Inadequate Risk Management and Business Controls

Like the bulk of an iceberg, the truth about a business lies far beneath the surface, out of sight.
No business can afford to forget that the truths of the New Economy are no different from those of the Old:

•    There’s no “sure thing.”
•    There’s no “new paradigm.”
•    And, if something seems “too good to be true” it probably is.

A critical reality. The controls you thought could protect your business may not be enough;

•    The accounting and internal process controls that were supposed to set off alarms still have people behind them. 
•    The firewalls and anti-virus software you’re installed are like putty in the hands of a hacker.
•    The partners you thought you could rely on don’t have your best interests in mind.

Today’s Business Controls Environment Consists of Integrated, Interlocking Elements
Business controls for the 21st century. Start with advisors who have over a quarter century of investigative crisis as well as related control and security experience - specializing in strengthening traditional organizational, financial and security controls for the age of the internet.

Navigator Total Business Controls services were developed because we know that the most devastating problems facing your business are the ones you’re not seeing.

Taking Uncertainty Out of the Equation
Navigator Total Business Controls professionals take a 360° view of your financial, operational and management activities─ and the corporate criminal and business threats that can destroy your reputation and the ongoing viability of operations. 

Dealing with business irregularities. Unlike the traditional controls that most businesses (and their advisors) think about, the strategies and services from Navigator are designed to help you deal with business irregularities from all directions:

•    Management controls - that help you deal with issues of organizational structure, cultural style, business strategy, corporate security and other oversight functions (including the role of any outside advisors).
•    Financial and Operational controls - that assess your sales, manufacturing, services, purchasing logistics, personnel, payroll, treasury, accounting, financial reporting and other key business processes.
•    Information controls & security - that help you with matters of electronic and cyber-information system penetration, as well as information systems and other external automated/computer networks.
•    Corporate, physical & personnel security controls - that cover loss prevention, facility design and access, and personnel protection, as well as business continuity in the face of 21st century threats.
•    Crisis management planning and response - for effectively dealing with and resolving incidents of executive abuse, fraud, theft, violence, sabotage, espionage, terrorism and other business irregularities.

Low-probability, high-impact events.

We can help you deal with routine problems - or the low-probability, high-impact events that can destroy the competitive advantage and economic viability of your organization.

These might include deliberate, illegal or hostile acts by competitors and other outside parties as well as significant mismanagement, negligence, and business process breakdowns - including economic espionage, “dirty tricks” campaigns, fraud, and theft, as well as product tampering and diversion.

Navigator strategies are designed to fend off or solve 21st century problems. They can be used to assure that you can detect irregularities and react to them as soon as possible.

Navigator Total  Business Controls can help strengthen your business by evaluating the key elements of the Controls Environment

Management and Cultural Controls Review

•    Business strategy, core skills and competitive position
•    Organizational style, structure and culture
•    Business processes: policies, procedures, and systems
•    Staffing skills
•    The roles of inside and outside auditors, corporate security, corporate counsel, and other oversights functions
•    Audit Committee and Corporate Governance assessments
•    Internal audit and security assessments

Financial and Operational Process Controls Evaluation
•    Revenue and sales processes
•    Manufacturing or service processes
•    Warehousing/logistic/inventory
•    Purchasing, including supplier and subcontractor selection and controls
•    Personnel and payroll processes
•    Treasury, financial accounting and reporting systems

Information and Intellectual Property Controls & Security Review
•    Management and financial information systems
•    Internet systems
•    Operational and communication systems integrity
•    Intellectual property and trade secret controls
•    Counter-intelligence program design

Evaluation Techniques
•    Evaluate organization’s existing business controls environment
•    Walk-throughs of operations, including interviews with management and        operations personnel, review of documentation and penetration exercises.
•    Review of prior incidents and identification of future threats to organization.
•    Design control strategies, tactics and tools necessary to deter and/or        detect business irregularities and threats.

Corporate, Physical and Personnel Security Assessment
•    Strategies and polices
•    Facilities design and access
•    Loss prevention tactics
•    Executive and staff protection
•    Workplace safety and protection
•    Counter-terrorism strategies
•    Cyber security

Crisis Management Planning and Response Design
•    Response to irregular business activity, natural disasters, terrorism and other       corporate crises
•    Communications protocols and notification systems
•    Intelligence and reporting systems
•    Response strategies and team structures
•    Roles of management, key outsides and others 
•    Crisis simulations

Protecting Your Organization, Today and Tomorrow

Navigator’s Approach
Keeping on top of your organizations means:
•     Understanding the overall strengths and weaknesses of your business processes and related controls environment.
•     Identifying threats (existing and potential) and making organizational and process changes to strengthen controls and security over business operations 
•     Preventing organizational chaos and business irregularities by focusing on your global controls environment.
•     Proving to your stakeholders, regulators and the business community that you control the course of your enterprise.

The right controls. Why does your business need this kind of protection? Because, in today’s environment, without the right controls over your business, you might as well give the keys to your competitors or your passwords to hackers next door.

Navigator can help you:

•     Analyze present corporate structure to determine the appropriateness of your governance strategies, lines of supervision and control, as well as the style and philosophy of management. 
•     Review prior incidents and analyze the dynamics of any current and future business threats, and competitive positioning.
•     Analyze in detail key areas including human resources, information systems, administration, security, risk management, accounting and operations.
•     Review internal and external audit plans, coupled with discussions of controls strategy (including the role of outside advisors).
•     Review strategies and techniques of crisis management.
•     Advise executive management and the board on strategy to deter and resolve material business threats.

Open the Wall Street Journal to see the kinds of risk today’s businesses are facing. Navigator Total Business Controls Services help your organization to meet the key control cycle  objectives:

•     Deter threats, if possible,
•     Detect control breakdowns if deterrence fails,
•     Respond to crises effectively,
•     Stabilize the business, 
•     Resolve material threats to the organization,
•     Continuously monitor the business.

The Experience that Counts
An insider-outsiders’ view.  Our consulting services can enhance your organization’s growth through creative strategies to help you identify, analyze and reduce your vulnerabilities. We take our insider-outsiders’ view of what can go wrong in an organization’s relationships and operations and use it to strengthen your company.
Business controls for the 21st century. Start with advisors who have over a quarter century of investigative crisis as well as related control and security work─specializing in strengthening traditional organizational, financial and security controls for the age of the internet.

Broad experience. Our professionals bring broad experience handling thousands of organizational crises throughout America and around the world, in both the public and private sectors. We can help your business through our knowledge of the intricacies of :
•     Investigations
•     Corporate reorganization
•     Corporate governance and organizational design
•     Business and financial process as well as systems design
•     Management risk consulting
•     Business process controls reengineering
•     Operational and financial auditing
•     Corporate and information security
•     Executive and personnel protection
•     Crisis management and response
•     Competitive and counter-intelligence

Navigator Business Controls
Providing the Services You Need

Business Controls
•     Total Business Controls Review & Strategies
•     Independent Advisory Services to Boards of Directors
•     Sarbanes-Oxley Investigation, Compliance & Monitoring - Audit Committee        Toolkit
•     Corporate and Forensic Financial Investigative Response Services
•     Global Governance and Risk Management Consulting
•     Internal Audit Services
•     Internal Audit Assessment - Peer Review
•     Information & Intellectual Property Controls
•     Defensive Business Intelligence/Counter-Intelligence Services
•     Due Diligence and Background Services
•     Employee and Vendor Integrity Services
•     Integrity Controls Monitoring 
•     Pharmaceutical Diversion Controls
•     Exam and Certification Program Controls
•     Construction Investigation & Monitoring
•     Gaming Industry Controls
•     Anti-Money Laundering Controls
•     Navigator Training - Controls, Security and Investigative Training

•    Corporate & Physical Security Services
•     Large Scale Security Program Management
•     Physical Security Engineering 
•     Workplace Assurance - Executive and Staff Protection
•     Cyber Security 
•     Security Function Assessment - Peer Review
•     Counter-Kidnap & Ransom Consulting
•     Security Risk Avoidance Training
•     Travel Security Intelligence 
•     Personnel and Facilities Threat Management 
•     Crisis Reporting Hotlines
•     Crisis Management Planning & Response

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