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Our Corporate Bios

Richard Madrid
Senior Director - SBS

Richard Madrid, prior to joining Navigator Associates, has spent 20 years serving the technology industry at both Fortune 500 and early stage ventures where he focused on performing business and technical due diligence, financial strategy, product/services planning and roll out, and business development.  In these capacities, he often served as an external interface to leading industry analysts, investors, and opinion leaders, and spoke at major industry forums.  Richard also led key marketing and software IT initiatives across vertical industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial, and Automotive.

While at Ameritech, Rich coordinated the $980M investment into General Electric Information Services’ subsidiary to develop new electronic commerce/EDI solutions which led to product/service roll outs for Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, and On-line purchasing applications while also acting as the voting member to CommerceNet, the Alliance for Converging Technologies.  Richard also led the technical and business partner due diligence teams in approving venture investments in Broadvision, Open Market, Verisign, and Premenos.

Rich is very experienced in assessing markets, and analyzing revenue, operational, and financial metrics relating to successfully position products and services to optimize performance in highly competitive markets.  As Vice President of Product Development & Product Management at Dantis, Inc., Rich was responsible for providing software/service development and national service roll out plans.  Related, he was responsible for developing the Marketing Requirements in tandem with leading channel and technology partners, and responsible for negotiating the relevant value propositions, business models, and business relationships.

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