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Our Corporate Bios

Ronald Bonlender
Managing Director

Ron is very skilled at assisting organization’s to identify market/business/product opportunities and best position and better extend into markets they currently operate within through deployment of both a strategic and functional framework; the objective is to produce higher market valuations through better competitive positioning and superior operating results.

Prior to joining Navigator Associates, Ron Bonlender spent over 20 years engaged in new venture activity, new product development and product management, and process improvement. At IBM, Ron held senior product and market planning positions while building software product awareness and directing related product launches.

Ron is highly skilled in both qualitative and quantitative market research, and experienced in performing competitive analyses required to successful exploit various market segments. This experience includes prioritizing high profit and strategic markets for both established organizations and start-up ventures. While with IBM, Ron worked with Booze Allen to produce detailed market studies to determine trends that led to substantial increases in market share. 

As VP of Product Management at Chorus Networks, Ron was responsible for delivering business results through his design and implementation of an effective product development process, integrating business strategies with financial objectives and organizational capabilities, while focused on exploiting the telecommunications market.

Previous to this, Ron built a consulting practice within RCI/HFS, a leading firm serving the vacation industry, to provide a global strategic planning process to achieve and maintain leadership in worldwide markets. He was also responsible for creating and implementing ‘Scenario Analyses’ to simulate future market and competitive actions. Earlier in his career, Ron developed advanced analytical skills working as an industrial engineer for the 3M Company. These skills serve our clients well in providing objective analysis to seek out best alternatives and options related to cost/benefit analysis, efficiency analysis, and profit or business value maximization strategies.


Ron earned his MBA from the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, with a concentration in Marketing/Finance, and received his BS degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Wisconsin.

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