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Valuation & Pricing Services

Both buyers and sellers need confidence in the value of the business in order for a fair market transaction to occur. Navigator Associates uses a variety of approaches to value a business and to develop an effective Sell-Side fair market asking price strategy.  In the broadest terms, key elements contributing to valuation and pricing strategy encompass:

  • Quality of both tangible and intangible assets

  • Demonstrated growth

  • General operating metrics such as operating margins

  • Income history

  • Growth prospects for the industry

  • Management depth

  • Quality of product and services

  • Intellectual property

  • Customer portfolio and concentration

  • Competitive environment and positioning

  • Replacement & substitution issues

  • New market entrance & product development issues

It is important to note that valuation and sale price are not always the same. Navigator works to uncover the difference between the purely stand-alone financial value of a business and its potential strategic value to a particular potential buyer.  Navigator is highly skilled at determining the strategic motivation behind a buyer’s interest, to determine the maximum asking price.

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