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Corporate & Marketing Intelligence and Analysis

What You Don’t Know…… Can Hurt You

The best Business Intelligence May be Hidden in Plain Sight

No matter how well you know your business…
No matter how clearly you understand your marketplace…
No matter how thoroughly you integrate your technology…
No matter how knowledgeable your people…

… if you don’t have the latest information about what the competition or other critical business relationships are doing─ which may affect your customers, talent and profits, or your intellectual property─ then you’re not doing your best to protect the future.

Your external world. The professionals of Navigator understand the dilemma of business today; what your competition─ along with potential business partners, disgruntled ex-employees and other interested parties─ knows can hurt you. But how do you find out what outside forces are doing, what threats they may pose, and what their fallibilities may be? And, once you do know, how can you capitalize upon those factors to make your business stronger and more profitable?

We can help you do something about it.

A Better Management Tool

Navigator has developed Business Intelligence into a strategic tool to better manage your organization.

Why? Because information can be used a tool in exploiting your business’s strengths and shoring up its weaknesses. In can also provide a clear sense of what outside influences may be planning─ along with their far-reaching implications for your business.

Knowledge of all these factors, we believe, can help you better plan for the future while protecting the assets you already have.

Three elements. How do we accomplish our goals?

The heart of our business has three elements:

  • a far-reaching network of investigative and consulting professionals

  • an in-depth knowledge of the strengths and shortcomings of technology

  • an intrinsic knowledge of business strategies and execution

The professionals at Navigator don’t just offer you information, but analysis leading to recommended actions that are tailored to your organization. The result for you: A better understanding of the factors influencing your business and its operating climate, and what to do about them.

Knowledge of all these factors, we believe, can help you better plan for the future while protecting the assets you already have.

Where the Action Is: The Right Information
Global competition and high-speed Internet transactions are just the start of issues affecting your business at the start of the Millennium. Perhaps even more important are the battery of emerging security concerns that can influence the inner workings of businesses of every sort and can short-circuit your success.

Complex relations. What kinds of concerns are we talking about? Very often, they are tied to the complex, varied relationships that can affect your business─ in ways you may not have imagined. They may come from around the corner, across the country or the far corners of the world. For example:

What is the competition planning?
Will our planned acquisition deliver the intended value?
Are our new suppliers keeping up the quality we are known for?
Can our new business partner deliver everything he promises?
Are my computer systems as invulnerable as my IT people say?

You can’t have enough insights into your business environment to deal correctly and precisely with these kinds of issues.

Finding Answers. But where do you being to look for what you need? The right advisors can help you find critical information you need, understand its importance, and show you what you can do with it.

Navigator offers you the skills of professionals gathered from the cream of the private and public sectors.

We draw experienced professionals from civil and criminal litigation, finance, forensic accounting, information technology, intelligence, investment banking, and law enforcement, among many other specialties. Our industry specialties include healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, utilities, consumer products, financial services, high tech and construction.

In addition, we are top ranking management consultants─  who know that pluses and pitfalls of everything from corporate strategy to business process reengineering─ and can interpret the information gathered as it relates to your business and tell you what can and should be done with it.

What you need most. Our understanding of where information can be found, where it may be hidden, and who can help get you what you need most, results in services in four areas:

Competitive intelligence─ uncovering competitor information of strategic use in devising proactive and reactive market responses.

For example, when a client’s top management group left to form a new venture, we helped the client identify likely competitors, determine the competitive challenges, and assess how to deal with them.

Intellectual property assessment─ assessing whether competitors have comprised corporate intellectual property and determining appropriate remedies for dealing with the situation.

For example, in the course of regularly performed destruct and non-destruct testing of competitive products, a client discovered an absolute match to its own products’ technical and performance specifications. Using both public record search and human intelligence gathering, we discovered several instances of intellectual property compromise. The client negotiated compensation for the infractions─ as well as a licensing agreement for future use.

New market entry evaluation─ identifying industry structures, key players, and business practices for entering new geographic or product markets.

For example, when a client faced losing a major Latin American distributor, we analyzed competitors and potential partners, and also assessed market impact of a multinational’s equity ownership in the region.

Expanded due diligence─ focusing on different information than your lawyers and accountants look at in preparing your M&A or other transactions, and analyzing it with our unique expertise to mitigate transaction risks and help ensure your success.

For example, when a U.S. entertainment conglomerate was considering a foreign privatization bid, we provided details on the integrity, financing and operating capabilities of the proposed partner, analyzed performance of previous joint ventures, along with specifics on bidding and other acquisition criteria.

Taken individually or in combination, these in-depth looks at your business and all the parties who may affect it can give your strategy new direction for today and tomorrow.

No Mystery to Intelligence Gathering
There’s no mystery about the ways intelligence may be gathered.
If you know how to do it.

Navigator professionals are expert at collecting the hard-to-get information you need from a broad range of sources. Our approach is different because of the way we combine experience in management consulting, forensic accounting and many specialty areas with a clear understanding of how information can be hidden, sometimes in plain view. The result is that we can narrow the possibilities for action y showing which can make more sense for your business and industry.

Two-phase process. Our work is divided into two phases:

  • Investigative─ to find what you need to know.

  • Consultative─ to show you what you can do about it.

Unique professionals. We start with professionals who are the best at what they do: gathering information from the world around you, using a discriminating, deliberate, rational process.

Navigator’s far-reaching business intelligence network means that we aren’t looking locally for the answers you need, but everywhere in the world where something may be happening to affect you. If your supply chain extends to Jakarta or your distribution network to Nairobi, if your new business partner is in Paris or your takeover target in Taiwan, we can help you get the right information to make sure that your decisions build value for your company.

Competitive advantage. The investigative phase concentrates on seeking answers that may be found in public records, through interviews with former employees and other concerned parties, and from site observation.

For example, consider a major competitor acquiring additional production sites or businesses that could change their competitive advantage in one or more of your markets. There are papers, plans and other material that must be filed─ but you have to know where to look and what to look for, in order to take advantage of them.

Who’s who. There is also a broad variety of individuals who can shed insight on the situation, including supplier representatives, former employees and journalists. But, depending on the information needed, we might also draw upon customer representatives, financial analysts, government regulators, industry experts and bankers. We tailor our approach to every individual situation.

When you are as experienced at intelligence gathering as we are, the information alternatives are extremely broad.

Interpreting and explaining. When the investigations are done, we consider our work only partially complete. The information we have gathered forms the basis for putting our other skills to work─ in a consultative phases where we show you how to put our findings into practice.

When you are as experienced at intelligence gathering as we are, the information alternatives are extremely broad.

By analyzing, interpreting and explaining the broad implications of the information we have gathered, we can provide you with the ultimate value-added benefit: we make you life easier. By showing you where to go from there, and how you may get there through actionable steps that you can take to strengthen and protect your business, we help you to make better use of your resources.

The Navigator Difference: Results You Can Rely On─ And Use

Clients frequency find our results eye-opening.

They find that we can glean abundant information through a wide variety of resources and turn it into actionable initiatives─ which they could not have found on their own or through other intelligence-gathering means.

Building value. For nearly 25 years, Navigator has defined the term “business intelligence.” We have changed the ways businesses obtain and retain key information for the benefit of their executives, directors and shareholders - and build value by mitigating the risks of doing business.

Never has the paradigm of risk and reward been more broadly applicable to business than today - and Navigator Business Intelligence services can help protect and build the value of your organization, anywhere in the world.

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