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Confidential Marketing of the Business

The most essential activity driven by Navigator Associates involves the successful marketing of the business to potential quality buyers - after the business and its value are well-articulated and documented for formal presentation. Navigator Associate's unique, targeted, selling process is designed to maximize the value of your business by delivering qualified strategic buyers to the table.  At the same time, Navigator Associates protects the confidentiality of the business and minimizes disruption to your day-to-day business operation.   

Key considerations for success include successfully negotiating the price, structure, and terms of the transaction. In some cases, cultural fit will be a major concern for those continuing on with the business under a new ownership structure and will need to be considered as part of the marketing strategy.  Navigator Associates factors in the differences in motivation between strategic buyers and financial buyers in its marketing campaigns and approach.  We optimize the overall value of the transaction for the seller.

Navigator Associates will successfully guide and work alongside you and guide the process and activities required by you and your purchaser, while coordinating with the advisory teams of attorneys, accountants, consultants or investment bankers.

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