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Corporate Contest, Proxy Battle & Takeover Intelligence

Hostile takeovers, proxy contests, activist shareholders, internecine corporate disputes and other contests for corporate control require aggressive strategies to help defend existing management groups from unwanted suitors and inadequate offers. Likewise, aggressor groups require detailed advance intelligence on their targets.

Navigator has over 25 years experience in assisting companies and their counsel in these circumstances. We provide timely and actionable intelligence that may be used in strategy development, litigation, public relations, proxy solicitations and other decision making purposes.

In these cases, Navigator can develop detailed intelligence in the following areas:

  • Deep vetting of director nominees and their respective track records on other boards and as executives in other companies

  • Outlining history of shareholder activism

  • Identifying undisclosed liabilities, such as regulatory problems or significant litigation matters

  • Identifying conflicts of interest

  • Identifying misrepresentations or misstatements in SEC filings

  • Examining potential anti-trust issues

  • Identifying undisclosed relationships and affiliations

  • Revealing incidents of self dealing and questionable relationships

  • Evaluating financial strengths and weaknesses

  • Vetting management teams

  • Review of business practices and integrity issues

  • Conducting self due diligence to reveal potential vulnerabilities

In a recent case, Navigator developed key information on a prospective director that was used to cause their nomination to be withdrawn. In another matter, we provided critical intelligence that helped our client revise their defensive strategy resulting in a better outcome.

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